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may I ask

What I need is to make the ntfs drive read write
now it is still set as read only.
Can I not do that manually in Terminal without running the  tc-grub4dos?

I mean in case that program mess up some mbr or something. Which it wanted to do and what Lee confirmed it did so I was lucky that it failed to install on my computer. I did try to ask this before though!

edited subject title to reflect new name

I have grub4dos on one computer booting between two versions of Puppy and WinXP.  I recall that it was fairly simple to manually add an additional choice in menu.lst (?), following the directions at the lin'n'win website (

Can the same manual procedure be used to add the new tiny core linux option to the boot menu?


Yes, if you have grub4dos already, you can add Tiny Core commands to menu.lst.

Yes I did that but the HDD is still read only and I need to make it read write. How does one do that?

--- Quote ---you can add Tiny Core commands to menu.lst
--- End quote ---

Does that mean I can set the sda3 as read write in that code?


--- Quote from: roberts on May 26, 2011, 06:19:29 AM ---Note: Files that have changed and are likely in your backup:

--- End quote ---
Shouldn't .xsession also be mentioned? There are perhaps many who use persistent HOME, so no new .profile and .xsession gets generated in these cases either


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