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The Second Release Candidate of Micro Core v3.6 is now posted and ready for testing.


Change log rc1:

* New replaces usbinstall - added frugal install to partition with formatting options.
* Moved showrgb from base to Xprogs.
* Updated tce-load to better support download error conditions.
* Updated ab - added tree and size views and overall presentation tweaks.
* New to present select list of both local (/opt/localmirrors) and remote (mirrors.tcz) mirrors.
* Moved sethostname from function to script, callable from /opt/

Change log rc2:
* Updated and to target new host server.
* Updated AppsAudit/tce-update to fetch new dependencies.
* Updated tc-config moved keymap, secure, and protect to after extension loading but before restore.

Note: Changes to Xprogs.tcz as listed

Please note release candidates are for the sole purpose of testing.
Please test carefully. Do not use for regular day to day use.

Using microcore + X*.tcz..

When using the apps audit gui, I see four extension to be updated gtk2, gtk2-dev, libwnck and libwnck-dev. Selecting just one of the extensions, libwnck and clicking on "update selected", libwnck is downloaded (deps openssl-0.9.8, gtk2) and glibc_apps, which does not appear to be a recursive dep?

--- Code: ---$ cat /tmp/apps_upd.lst
Updating libwnck.tcz OK
Checking dependencies:
Fetching required dependency: glibc_apps.tcz OK
Fetching required dependency: gcc.tcz
--- End code ---

Could not reproduce. Worked as expected:

--- Code: ---tc@dev:~$ cat /tmp/apps_upd.lst
Updating libwnck.tcz OK
Checking dependencies:
tc@dev:~$ ls -l  /mnt/sdb1/testing/optional/upgrade/
total 124
-rw-------    1 tc       staff       114688 Apr  7 22:00 libwnck.tcz
-rw-r--r--    1 tc       staff           26 Apr  9 05:44 libwnck.tcz.dep
-rw-r--r--    1 tc       staff           45 Apr  9 05:44 libwnck.tcz.md5.txt

--- End code ---

Hmm - perhaps my lousy internet connection, I'll try again tomorrow

if I start HD / USB install from control panel, appears and disappears quickly a black terminal window.
From what i understand is a command line installer and tc-install is a gui version, but i can find this second command on tinycore but not in microcore.


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