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Jason W:
As part of my uploading routine extension posting announcements are now automatically entered on a new web page.  Most of the time the threads here simply contain my announcement of a new extension or an update, but this manual posting takes much of my TC time that can be channeled into other more needed areas.  It is much more efficient for this to be automated while still preserving the same amount of information that is being conveyed.  Bug reports or other issues are usually brought up in the TCE Bugs area and general discussion of an extension often takes place in the TCE Talk area.   I think this new approach will also reduce the duplication of discussion areas for extensions in addition to being more streamlined.  The new page is located below:


I think the update pages deserve some html correction... the xhtml validator yields 4260 Errors, 41 warning(s) and therefore doesn't agree (at all) with xhtml 1.0 transitional ;)
The biggest problem are these br tags, which appear between two tr table rows. Firefox puts them in front of the table because it's just a wrong tag use. And then the first half of the website is empty, the second contains the real table.
Best regards,

Jason W:
I made some adjustments, and it is working better now. 

indeed, thanks! :)

Am I correct with the assumption that the 3.x updates page has been fixed, but the 2.x one is still using the previous version?

At least in my Opera browser there is still this "empty space" before the "real table". The same applies also to the full updates page.


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