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Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce Mico Core 3.0 Alpha1 is available for public testing.








This is an alpha level cut. If you decide to help test, then please test carefully. We don't want anyone to lose data.

Since this is an alpha cut, although the team has 5 preview cuts, we ask that only experienced users test. This cut is not for general use. The features in any alpha are not fixed and may change before a public release candidate is available.

We appreciate testing and feedback.

If you use distribution files note that you need both a new bzImage and microcore.gz.

Do not mix Micro Core 2.x with Mico Core 3.x. They have different modules and major library changes, as well as all extensions now only support freedesktop specs.

Changelog for 3.0 alpha1:
* kernel update to ( a upx'ed version is also available in the distribution file area ).
* 64-bit kernel available in distribtion files area.
* compressed swap in ram -> able to run more and longer, less crashes due to out of ram
* tmpfs root always -> no longer possible to exhaust ram in an "embed" boot via files
* improved virtualization support
* ext4 support in base/base tools
* delta extension updates as the default using zsync.
* glibc updated to 2.11.1 and recompiled against 2.6.33 kernel headers
* gcc updated to 4.4.3, recompiled against 2.6.33 kernel headers and cloog, ppl, mpfr, gmp
* e2fsprogs base libs/apps updated to 1.41.11
* kernel-agnostic dep files
* Updated many core files to support new 3.x repository.
* Updated,, tc-config, tce-fetch, tce-setup, tce-load,
* Updated, startx, flwm, and wbar dropped jwm/wbar spec support.

Using 2.x type extensions will not work for 3.0 as no menu and no icons will appear for non-freedesktop extensions.. A script was run against the 3.x repository to strip out all jwm/wbar (/usr/local/ and /usr/local/tce.icons). 3.0 uses only freedesktop specs. The script auto created freedesktop items based on prior jwm/wbar specs.

Special Note:
This is alpha software. This is the first public access. Expect bugs. Not recommended for general use.

Alpha testing is for experienced Community Members to help test a totally new build of Tiny Core and help in creating needed updated modules and extensions.

Much work has been done by each Tiny Core Team member to create 3.0. Now is it time for the community to begin testing.

Announcing the 64-bit build of 3.0 alpha 1.

microcore64.gz is now available in distribution_files. The only difference to the main gz is that it has the 64-bit modules instead of the 32-bit ones.

- Xvesa does not like to run on 64. Use Xorg or text mode. For reasoning see

Continuing on with Micro Core 3.0 Alpha 2 Testing.

* Updated tce-setdrive and for better /tmp/tce test.
* Updated 55-tc-rules for better permission on ramzswap.
* Updated tc-functions with new getMajorVer and getMirror
* Updated tce-audit,, tce-load, tce-update for getMirror.
* Updated tce-setup for microcore .gzs in /opt/tce remaster

Xprogs.gz appears to be from tc-2.x?

The good news is that it is not from 2.x as wallpaper shows new default color of grey.
The bad news is that it needed a repack to refect the latest change in appbrowser.
I just repacked it and reposted. Thanks for reporting.


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