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--- Quote from: jls_legalize on July 07, 2010, 12:25:15 PM ---another thing conccerning tce-update, I got

--- Code: ---Updating projectM.tcz Failed

--- End code ---
the extension is called qmmp-projectM.tcz

--- End quote ---
Look at qmmp-projectM.tcz.dep and you will see projectM.tcz
There is no projectM.tcz in the repository!
Should be reported as a bug for this extenion and not a bug in the base system.


--- Quote from: roberts on July 07, 2010, 04:49:43 PM ---..
There is no projectM.tcz in the repository!

--- End quote ---
Are u sure?

Appbrowser did not see it last night. This moring it does, but then so too does tce-update.
Cannot reproduce your claim. Tested by force changing the md5 of qmmp-projectM.tcz.md5.txt and then a second test changing both qmmp-projectM.tcz.md5.txt and projectM.tcz.md5.txt to force tce-update to update both files.

Team Tiny Core wishes to thank our community for the great testing and feedback effort during this long 3.x alpha cycle. Now on to our first formal Release Candidate.


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