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Author Topic: software deployed by yourself/your corp (license)  (Read 1554 times)

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software deployed by yourself/your corp (license)
« on: July 06, 2017, 09:35:41 AM »
Hello Tcore forum,

After having masses of help from this forum over time....then it's a little repayment....here to you...... a little contribution to the forum maintainers devs here etc.......some good free stuff.

You may have many contacts and situations where your projects or such need to deploy software for users to use.

There has always been a service around (Cameyo) and it's so so......recently it is upgraded and giving away free (unlimited) server instances that YOU OWN.
They seem to be win 10 azure platforms .....where-upon the instance contains
an   free "instance" of Cameyo's tool installed.  Your good to go.

Why have these systems?.....well they allow you to deal with both Linux and win32/64 deploying of "batches" of software out to your global users. (Yes Wine is supported too)

....without droning on.....Cameyo is a free tool, that essentially VIRTUALIZES other software tools into the virtual cloud......and now you own those FREE cloud servers.

Your global users only need a "web connected" PC with a HTML5 browser. So it could be a tinycore PC......and android PC.....and iOS device.....any PLATFORM
The users can then receive your---- Software AS A SERVICE.....---- to them and use applications.

What'a an example....?....well 2 examples below.

a)  Say your wanting teams of global users (your employees of your corp) to get familiar with a tool such as  "Teamviewer".   Now your free servers support maybe 50 concurrent users and you can deliver to your global users "Teamviewer"...in a few clicks......deployed.   (but you'd need to check big corps regarding licensing.

b) So an extreme example.....number TWO...........would be--- say something Tinycore related.....


so yeah....in your server farms you could (cos they are Cameyo remember.....) deploy "virtual box".....then feed it up to your global users by just giving them
the web HTML5 link.    (Virtual box executes in there laptop web browsers) and you could ask your global employees (for example).........to then load TINYCORE into their VB virtual instance.....and start to learn about TINYCORE...

it's just a rare example. Cameyo is rare, it's platform independent global all areas computing.

i hope that you on the forum can "diligently" manage this sharing of this post
between the "best use" cases for it.

my thanks to you at tinycore, always 


ps. In an ideal world if the "app stores had a home page LANDING of Cameyo
half or more of the world would ell enjoy "platform independent global software usage"
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