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Author Topic: Universal Ethernet to wifi adapter  (Read 1915 times)

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Universal Ethernet to wifi adapter
« on: May 16, 2017, 11:35:55 PM »
Just tested an Iogear GWU637 ethernet to wifi adapter with piCore on my RPI2.  Works great and setup was easy with a standard TC install w/gui.

You can use WPS, or in my case I temporarily changed the ip adresses in the network config panel, used the Fifth browser (needs javascript capable browser) to get to the admin setup page, found my network, and afterwards changed the network back to dhcp.  The manual goes into a little more detail.

Once configured, it stays configured, so that can also be done on another machine if you so desire.

It is powered by usb, so I just used one of the available usb port on my pi.

I already have a working realtek wifi dongle, but now I can use that for something else, and also get rid of my wifi, wireless, and realtek firmware tcz's.

Pretty handy especially if you can't get any other dongles working, but only if you tend to stay on one network for long periods of time - setup is too time-consuming for rapid on-the-go network switching back and forth.

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