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Author Topic: MFM - My File Manager  (Read 4167 times)

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MFM - My File Manager
« on: August 01, 2015, 03:30:52 PM »

Just finalizing for submission if anyone's interested.

Code: [Select]
Info draft:

Title:          mfm.tcz
Description:    MFM - My File Manager - A lightweight Linux file manager
Version:        0.4
Author:         Stefano Gatti <s.gatti@email.it>
Original-site:  http://sg67.altervista.org/mfm/
Copying-policy: GPL: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
Size:           136K
Extension_by:   nitram
Tags:           FLTK file manager burn rename compress find mount
Comments:       MFM is a small, fast and lightweight file manager,
                utilizing the FLTK graphics toolkit.
                Numerous executables (most can run standalone):
                - mfm      # MFM file manager
                - mfmburn  # CD/DVD burn utility (not tested)
                - mfmcfg   # configure MFM
                - mfmfind  # GUI find utility by name or content
                             (wildcard/size/date filters)
                - mfmhelp  # built-in help, launch from within MFM
                - mfmmount # partition mount/umount
                - mfmrename# bulk file rename GUI
                - mfmzip   # compress/extract GUI (tar tar.gz tgz tar.bz2 zip)
                Minimal yet nicely configurable for:
                - default window size
                - scroll speed
                - file extension and directory colours
                - trash can location
                - preferred editor and terminal
                - preferred open/run applications
                Neat features:
                - double-click menubar 'New' opens new window to /home/user
                - double-click menubar 'Change_dir' up to parent directory
                - double-click menubar 'Exit' closes active window
                - 'Exit' > 'Quit all' closes all open file manager windows,
                  but leaves directory browser and partition GUIs open
                - 'directory browser'opens directory tree
                - middle-click opens directory in new window
                - 'select dir' to change directories
                - 'select dir' supports favorites/directory bookmarks
                - keyboard shortcuts for individual directory bookmarks
                - 'select wildcard' selects specified files in directory
                - 'Copy to ...' and 'Move to ...' utilities
                - mount/umount partitions with simple right-click
                - partitions GUI displays freespace of mounted partitions
                - 'Open temporary' automatically mounts and opens partition,
                  then automatically umounts when that MFM window is closed
                - beta software, needs refinement, some bugs
                - dormant, last version release 2006
                - closing last open MFM window doesn't always exit cleanly,
                  may hang, cause high processor usage, require kill
                - no built-in 'sudo' toggle (like Fluff)
Change-log:     ----
                Compiled for TC 6
Current:        2015/08/01 first version (nitram)

Offline nitram

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Re: MFM - My File Manager
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2015, 01:49:17 PM »
mfm.tcz is in the TC 6 repository.

If anyone discovers a fix or work around for this bug please let me know - thanks:

- closing last open MFM window doesn't always exit cleanly, may hang, cause high processor usage, require kill