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How to boot CorePlus-4.5.5.iso frugally?

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After reading many pages (some twice) about TC I still don't understand how I can boot frugally CorePlus. Almost all the references are for TC & it's not clear if all that applies to CorePlus, too.

I've d/l the CorePlus4.5.5 iso file to my VAIO's hdd (a non-mounted partition) but after some trials using a cfcard with usb adapter & grub as I do frugally for some puppies in their respective folders it has failed to boot.

For clarifying an issue: I'm using a VAIO but, after successful frugal installation plan to install in cfcard, its main use is to boot an HPCompaq nx9010 laptop which has no hdd at the moment.

Have tried PXE booting & netbootme in the HP but without any luck.

Some help is needed to do this. The cfcard is just rated 128MB & it's almost full right now with an installation of PL431, it's small but too big for the card.

PS. Does the FF browser includes the jre plugin? If the answer is no, how can I d/l & install it after booting successfully?

Thanks in advance for your kind help on this!

EDIT: My tc folder looks like this:
1) along with the other OSs folders I renamed the TC one to tc;
2) within tc there're 2 other folders: a) boot & b) tce (empty);
3) boot contains: a) an isolinux folder, core.gz & vmlinuz;
4) boot/isolinux contains: 9 files --from boot.cat to menu.c32 with no other folder there.

The relevant part of my grub menu.lst file has:

"# 6) Tiny Core bootable partition config begins
  title Core4 dir tc
  rootnoverify (hd0,1)
  kernel /core4/vmlinuz quiet showapps nozswap pause tce=/core4/tce printk.time=1 lst=core4.lst
  initrd /core4/core.gz
# Tiny Core bootable partition config ends".

It sounds like your bootloader points to the wrong directory. You say you have the kernel at /tc/boot/vmlinuz but your conf points to /core4/vmlinuz.

CorePlus is simply TC + a set of extensions already there, so everything should apply to it.

Thanks for replying curaga!

Today I studied the menu.lst file calmly & noticed those inconsistencies as you mention. I just copied/paste those from another forum. After reading today a new post in that forum by the same person I still noticed a 'core4' reference which I left there because I don't know its intention for the moment. The edited menu.lst file now looks like this (see text in red):

"# 6) CorePlus partition config begins
  title tinycorelinux dir tc
  root (sdb1,1)
  kernel /tc/vmlinuz quiet showapps nozswap pause
  waitusb=10:UUID tce=/tc/tce printk.time=1 lst=core4.lst
  initrd /tc/core.gz
# CorePlus bootable partition config ends"

I noticed that after copying core.gz & vmlinuz it's only about 9 MB in total (in the other forum that person stated that all the isolinux folder was unnecessary because I was going to boot from a cfcard in an usb adapter & not from a live cd. So, the boot folder in tc is empty. Do you agree?


--- Quote ---So, the boot folder in tc is empty. Do you agree?
--- End quote ---
Yes, you don't need isolinux files if you use another bootloader. The location of the kernel and initrd doesn't matter.

--- Quote ---The edited menu.lst file now looks like this (see text in red):
--- End quote ---

You should remove any bootcodes you're not sure you need. The lst option changes what list extensions are loaded from, and your tce= option is wrong.

Try with just "kernel /tc/vmlinuz quiet waitusb=10:UUID=myuuid", where myuuid is replaced by the UUID of your CF card (use blkid to find it out).


--- Quote from: Benny7440 on July 26, 2012, 09:48:45 PM --- lst=core4.lst

--- End quote ---
The core4.lst is in fact a onboot.lst (or other files from the ISO) which was renamed to core4.lst
This is NOT a menu.lst renamed to core4.lst
This is a text file which contain all TinyCoreLinux applications which must be loaded at boot.
Read the wiki (or the other posts in www.linuxquestions.org).

Here is an example of one of my PCs:

====================== core4.lst ========================


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