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Author Topic: DSL  (Read 14596 times)

Offline sergey

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« Reply #15 on: June 24, 2009, 09:06:11 PM »
Many of you know me as the Lead Developer of Damn Small Linux.
Today, I was stripped of my ability to continue to support that project.

Still I hold no grudges. It is time. Five years is a long time. Don't look back,

(Quote above.abbreviated).
Just want to say belatedly "Thanks, Robert, for your work on DSL." It was my first Linux love. I own, have studied, and extensively underlined "The official Damn Small Linux Book." It's still extremely valuable for many topics. Recently I read the sections about Qemu. It's one of the clearest and best-organized technical how-to books I've ever read. I'm not a programmer or engineer and the book gave me the tools and confidence to ENJOY Linux. Hooray!   For my interests (including the TinyCore Magic DILLOcious Browser mentioned elsewhere on the Forum) TinyCore is better than DSL -- which is amazing -- starting with the elegant Desktop, the flawless Apps Browser and everywhere -- TCL is smaller, faster, more flexible.

Life is change. Change is inevitable. Thanks for redirecting your skills to develop TinyCore.
"Small is beautiful; Tiny is exquisite."