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Tiny Core Distribution files are now hosted on!

Just a heads up. The disk space allocated for all hosted Linux distributions at Ibiblio is currently full.
We are waiting for the admins to respond. Until then we are unable to update or post any new content. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. We appreciate your patience during this outage.

EDIT. Resolved.

Ibiblio disk space for distributions is a max again. Ibiblio is aware.
They are reviewing all hosted distributions and will be making decisions on how to best move forward.
Some distributions are being asked to move to a different Ibiblio service,
So far, they have suggested that Tiny Core consider such a move.
I don't believe that Tiny Core falls into the category of individual files that are too large for a regular website.
At this point everything is pending. We ask for your patience during this time.

Appears that ibiblio is getting some takers to their suggestion as space is once again available with no additional drive space being added.

Zero space free.  :'(


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