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Roberto A. Foglietta:
Hi All,

base64 is missing in busybox but it is useful to embedded in script binary data

tc@box:~$ busybox base64
base64: applet not found

I suggest to add into the next release. Thank you, R.

Hi Roberto A. Foglietta
You should find it in  coreutils.tcz.

You can search the package contents from the package manager GUI or from the terminal with "tce-ab"

Roberto A. Foglietta:
@Rich: coreutils.tcz is about 2,24MB, the base64 available in busybox is just a hand of bytes.

Roberto A. Foglietta:
@vinnie: I developed these scripts to search and download tcz when I am preparing TC on my Ubuntu.

If you like to adopt it for any purpose you can license in any MIT, BSD, GPL-v2 as you like.


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