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Is dCore the TinyCore for beginners?

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@windundgeist (wind and spirit?) your intentions are laudable!!. But (in my humble opinion) you preach to the wrong choir.

I do not believe a small TC team /community can teach (by using wiki, forum etc) the novice users. Basic Linux CLI is a must. The GUI is just the bait (temptation). Maybe the TC purpose is not to spread to the masses (without proper TC resources: servers, free time).

 "Don't waste time writing books that nobody reads!" -> If your target audience is like this, then TC is not for them, sorry!
it sounds (for me) like someone wants to first try driving a car (or airplane) just for fun (without a proper driving license), and then maybe later read the car manual. They may be lucky to do not crash the car against a tree for few days, but for sure they will make the car-crash soon. And then they start to ask for (medical) help. which could be (partially) provided but driving the car is not fun anymore.

FYI: crack(er) = break(er), destroy(er); maybe you should use hacker; or guru ;) grey beard is optional.


Yes, I have some strange names. JSM is another. You can find more about this on fb on my PRBI friends list  8)

I understand what you mean. But as you can see on other distributions, it is also possible for people who have no Linux knowledge. Or who has knowledge of Windows? That is the meaning of user friendliness  ;)

I have made a few ideas and comments above about this. It also works with good tools that are easy to use. And they don't always have to have a great GUI. The main thing is that it works properly.

Have you really read your car's owner's manual? And that from the refrigerator? And that from the washing machine? And that from the toaster? And what else? But well, maybe you did. But have you also read the technical manual of your car and the construction documentation? But that's what you think a user should do here. And if he does, he finds outdated information or none at all, as in the case of dcore. I received the link to the wiki mirror here in the forum, directly to the home page of TC. Two days ago i was wondering what would be shown if i delete the last part of the link ... and oh wonder i found the link to dcore. It can't be that!

So again, there are probably more than a billion Windows users out there! And soon at least some % of them will understand what is being done with their money in the world by these philanthropists! Many will then want to get away from Windows. But Linux isn't ready for it. Why not, after so many years? Because there is not enough coordination and project management. An OS is not just the kernel and some applications, but also everything around it, including documentation and training. Windows courses are everywhere, Linux courses are only a few.

I have the impression that the vast majority of the Linux community thinks Linux is just a toy and only a few distributions see it differently and do serious work (Fedora, openSUSE, maybe Ubuntu). And because it's open-source, every "crack" thinks he can be the great master! 99% of these "cracks" would be fired after a few days if Linux were a company like Microsoft! By "crack" I mean people who somehow like to read incomprehensible manuals for hours  8)

But apparently some don't really understand BBB?

BBB definition
We define Building Back Better (BBB) as a holistic concept that uses disaster recovery and recovery as a way to improve the physical, social, environmental and economic conditions of a community in order to create a more resilient community in an effective and efficient way create.


Or did these madmen and madwomen purposely cause a disaster to impose their ideology on humanity? It looks like this! So best if we go back to the touring machine when Windows breaks down? Yes, it looks like this  :(

Ok, but I'm still working on LinuC, which is for people who don't want to go back to the touring machine, but would like to use their old computer for a few more years. Not because they are nostalgic, but because they need the money for other things (food, housing, health). Do you have any idea about the distribution of wealth in the world? Do you have any idea how long a normal worker has to earn to buy a new computer, in Argentina or in India?

If you want to help, you can, LinuC is here, version 0.4. Today I'm going to add a short project plan to Project Information. By the end of July I want LinuC in 4 languages, with or without TC and dcore. Because my project plan is not waiting for you. Either you are motivated and ready, or you are not.


@windundgeist: You have no idea how deep I am motivated and ready, but only for the priorities that I choose myself. So do not wait for my help, follow your dreams. Our time on this planet is limited. Choose wise how to invest it. The hobbies will change as we evolve.

I do not belong to any tribe or religion. My loyalty is only for very few things in life; neither hardware nor software (windows or linux) qualify -- they are tools /toys, not my baby. I play with them as you do with a puppy (more good than bad in them). When the puppy bites you (is not friendly), you move on. There are a lot of wanderer puppy (distributions) to adopt from, it that makes you happy.

Building Back Better (BBB) has to wait until last stage capitalism representatives (baby boomer generation) will be naturally extincted. Oh yes, I know very well the economic power of bullshit-fiat-money per worked-hour (I became citizen of few countries, just to improve it).

PS: I have read the manual of each device that I own. Lucky there were few, as I like the minimalism.
And yes, I built from basically "zero ground" few computers, furniture, a car, up to full functional objects. Maybe I am a "crack" in this environment ("disaster recovery").


The style and content of your posts here remind me a lot of golinux, the administrator of the external Devuan forum.


--- Quote from: windundgeist on July 04, 2021, 06:27:22 AM ---The style and content of your posts here remind me a lot of golinux, the administrator of the external Devuan forum.

--- End quote ---
I hope you had a nice experience with that guy (because I do not know him/her). Me, I am more like a chameleon, or maybe a cyborg. Not a zeolot of ephemere trends. Bravo to you, if you stand a honest push-back. 
Anyway, back on the main subject, I shared my personal opinion that tinycore (or dcore) is not suitable (IMHO) for novice users with their insatiable apetite for more, and new and bloat and free and ...

Any spare resources should be wise managed. In history (until now) few "one man orchestra" linux sites were succesfuly for long time. Life happens when you plan for other things.


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