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Is dCore the TinyCore for beginners?

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Windungeist - you understand that this is an unpaid volunteer project right?  By a small handful of people who have a life to live other than TC?

Accept TC / dCore for what they are right now, and if something needs improvement, YOU give back.  That means dealing with the current situation, learning the ropes, and lend a helping hand.

All I've seen are demands.  If you take the time to learn it - as with all things that are of value - it takes time.  You will be far more satisfied to learn, rather than with "one click" solutions, and quite frankly your wishes to productize TC for your website demographic is a real turn off.

How about this - a highly polished version of Debian for PC / Mac from the people who brought you the raspberry pi who wished to have a similar desktop on their PC's.

It has additional polishing of the UI interface from a Mac guy to make it even easier for noobs - whatever their age.  This pc/mac desktop version has changed names a few times, but here it is:


It is a very nice system, one which works well on limited resources, even 1gb both 32 and 64 bit.  Special thanks to the guy who provided additional UI interface cleanups of the typical linux window managers to make it even more understandable for beginners.

I seriously suggest you take a look at that.  Don't let the seemingly large iso size fool you.  Much of that is the obligatory LibreOffice suite.  And some other offerings that users can delete and mix-n-match to their hearts content.

I think this will suit your (and those of inexperienced new users) much better.  That is, until they understand the "groove" of uniqueness that is TC / dCore.


--- Quote from: windundgeist on July 02, 2021, 02:58:40 PM --- Is there also an installer in the ISO to do a frugal installation, like with TC? With the desktop of my choice?

--- End quote ---

perhaps try this
http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/topic,21835.0.html - dCore-usbinstall


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