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Is dCore the TinyCore for beginners?

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I've been on the TC forum for some time now and struggle with installing and configuring TC. Today I wanted to read some more in the wiki. That's when I came across dCore!

It seems like dCore is what I'm looking for. A TC that can be easily expanded with other packages? If so, why didn't anyone told me?

Now I've started reading the dCore wiki. Many pages, very complex. But is it really that complex? Or should I just download a plus version and then boot? Is there also an installer in the ISO to do a frugal installation, like with TC? With the desktop of my choice?

Ok, I've seen these versions exist:


Which is the simplest version, requires little RAM, comes with a light desktop and can be easily expanded with additional packages, for example firewall, Opera browser?

Thank you  ::)

No version of TinyCore is really for beginners. dCore expects familiarity with linux, TC and Debian.


I know that's why I'm here  :)

There is a TC installer. It comes with the corePlus ISO from TC. Now please do a dcore-netinstaller as a TC extension and integrate it into corePlus ISO.


1. User boots corePlus and creates a Wifi connection.

2. User starts dcore-netinstaller.

3. User choose dcore flower and desktop.

4. User selects installation location (full disk or partition)

5. User selects additional extensions (for example wifi) and bootcodes.

6. Installation is carried out, files are downloaded directly from dcore repo.

Advantages of this solution are:

a) Everything is integrated in corePlus ISO, no need for different installation ISOs for dcore.

b) TC-installer can be used as a basis for dcore-netinstaller.

c) Even beginners can get a TC in this way that can be easily expanded.

I would be very interested in such a solution as I am working on a website for inexperienced users looking for a solution for their old computer. So far I've found a few that work well with 1GB of RAM (Q4OS, Debian, Bodhi) and a few less user-friendly (Devuan, antiX). What I am missing is a lightweight solution that is still easily expandable, dcore could be, but not with this installation methods:



We are in the year 2021! And please get your documentation in order and make it user-friendly. I've been on this forum for about 2 months now and there has been no progress on the documentation! The wiki link leads to a defect wiki:

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There is a mirror of the wiki, but no one had the idea to link the mirror in the menu of the TC website! Did you forget the password to edit the website  ;) ? dcore is not mentioned in any document on the website, not in Welcome, not in Installation, not in another! But someone wrote somewhere that dcore is often overlooked. No wonder if it is not mentioned!

Let me know if there is a dcore-netinstaller in the corePlus ISO, I would be delighted!



tc-install is a user contributed extension - you could pm the maintainer?


Good morning Juanito  :)

But it needs a dcore-netinstaller. And it needs more coordination in TinyCore. And it needs more will to make TinyCore a distro that can help millions of users! To do this, it must be more user-friendly and well documented. Otherwise you sink into the requests here in the forum! TinyCore isn't on LinuC yet, but I'm working on it. Of course, I wonder if it's wise to advertise TinyCore on LinuC if it puts a heavy load on the TinyCore forum. That's why I put TinyCore at the bottom of my list for so long, hoping something would happen here. I have my own way of communicating things.

I really like TinyCore and I think it has very high potential. But if you'd rather keep it to yourself, that's your choice. After all, it's yours, even if it's open-source! TinyCore could be improved with little effort. Ok, hardware detection is a lot of work? But it could only be improved with the tools. For example the swaptool:

A window opens, the user can choose whether he wants to have a swapfile. He enters the desired size with bs and count, for example he selects G for bs and 2 for count. The tool then manages the conversion into a command which can be processed by TinyCore. The user can click whether the swapfile should be permanent. The tool then sets the boot code and the entries in the files. The user can choose whether he wants to activate zswap and with which algorithm. The user can choose whether he wants a zram and what % of the RAM it should be. The tool sets limits.

I haven't seen any other distro that has a swapfile tool before! TinyCore is the only one I know. So just do it better! And the same goes for the other tools, screen resolution, keyboard, mouse settings, etc. If a distribution has limited functionality due to its small size and the desired performance, this is not a problem as long as the distribution offers the user good tools. Don't waste time writing books that nobody reads! Don't waste time writing instructions that only Linux cracks can understand! Use your time to do something good for the user, not for the Linux crack. The crack finds its way even without instructions, that's why it is a crack! Simple and clear documentation, good tools and graphical installers ... and TinyCore with dcore will soon have a few million users, if that's what you want. Or stay a small community of Linux cracks and just have fun with TinyCore without really helping the world, that's the decision you have to make. For you alone or for the world?


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