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building core.gz from scratch

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    hi guys

    how do you build core.gz from scratch


Hi ulfr
Do really want to build  core.gz  from scratch, or do you just want to modify the contents?


    thanks for your reply

    and all your work - tinycore is the best designed distro  there is   

    no i know how to modify the contents of core.gz
    i would like to know how you guys build core.gz 


Hi ulfr
core.gz  can be created by combining  rootfs.gz  and  modules.gz  like this:

--- Code: ---cat rootfs.gz modules.gz > core.gz
--- End code ---
You are probably aware that  rootfs.gz  and  modules.gz  can be found under  release/distribution_files/  for each architecture:

modules.gz  is created by the  sorter.sh  script available from  Github:

After running  make modules  and  make modules_install  you use  sorter.sh  to create  modules.sh  and all the kernel module
extensions. You can find the instructions included in these kernel compile instructions:

There may be a script to create  rootfs.gz  or they might just  unpack/repack  the existing  rootfs.gz.  I don't know, but I don't
think it changes very often. You can create a root directory manually in some work directory, or you can modify an existing one.

To unpack:

--- Code: ---mkdir tempdir
cd tempdir
zcat /path/to/existing/rootfs.gz | sudo cpio -i
--- End code ---

To repack:

--- Code: ---sudo find . | sudo cpio -o -H newc | gzip > /path/to/new/rootfs.gz
--- End code ---

Found here:


      thank you very much

      i was not aware of where things were or how they were built

      i will check things out   

      fascinating stuff 

      the more one learns about tinycore the more amazed and impressed one is   



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