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Standard X utilities - tnx

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Jason - just a note of thanks for leaving in some of the standard X utilities like xcalc, xclock, oclock, xedit and more in dCorePlus.

I'm probably one of the few who still use them, so I appreciate them being included as standard.  Far too often I find them stripped away from other Linux projects, leaving me to hunt them down.

Rest assured that this old guy is not on a retro-computing trip down memory lane sitting on my porch with a laptop shouting at kids to get off my file-system! :)

I do use a smartphone, tablet, do multimedia, streaming and the like, so I'm not totally under a rock - for now.  Although if I want a pretty clock, I'll buy a Rolex. :)

I'm lovin the whole dCore/TC ethos of where you can turn it into whatever you want it to be, and dig the fact that some of the old-school utils are still there in the release in the first place.

Jason W:
Hi.  I am actually posting from a running instance of twm window manager I just imported.  I have seen it older distros, as well as the utilities you mentioned.   They are a little before my start with Linux as far as me using them as 'go to' apps.   

Jason W:
In stretch, xcalc is 40kb and xclock is 55kb.  The /lib/firmware/ directory in dCorePlus-stretch is 117MB, but the goal of dCorePlus is to provide full hardware support and then they can trim package selections down to what they need later.  Would be no noticeable benefit  to cut a few kb worth of utilities in it. 

Exactly - and no disrespect for TinyCore - that is a totally different deal.  If I wanted those utilities bad enough I could compile or request them.

For other "distros", where you download 2gb or more of data, and find those tiny utils stripped away, that's another. :)

Heh, TWM.  I just like it alot since it comes standard with X, relies on no widgets, and is meant to be easily user programmable in the classic sense.  It may not look pretty, but when evaluated as a *tool*, it can still serve a purpose.

Retro-fun, or default baseline window manager tool, it's all good!


--- Quote from: PDP-8 on April 14, 2018, 04:34:56 PM ---Heh, TWM.  I just like it alot since it comes standard with X

--- End quote ---
Please, I’m curious..  how does TWM come standard with X ?

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