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Where did my screenshot go?

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Has anyone lost a screenshot using the Applications > screenshot menu?

(system - dCorePlus-Stretch64)

I've looked in my home directory, and scrounged the disk only to find some nice TC logos in png format, but the current screenshot seems to have gone awol.

I could have sworn I heard a tiny little scream when the screenshot file passed the event horizon of /dev/null. :)

Hi PDP-8
Try running  screenshot.sh  from a terminal and see if any errors pop up.

Yessir - it's pretty simple.  I groped around /tmp/wm_errors and saw the error:

imlib2_grab: not found

Same error as running screenshot.sh

Not a showstopper, but would be nice to have.

Hi PDP-8
I'm not sure how it works in dCore, but under Tinycore you would need  imlib2-bin.tcz.

I'm pretty sure I can just do an sce-import of imlib2 perhaps.  Or ask Jason nicely to bake it in for the future...


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