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Terminus font notes for the dCore user


Couldn't find any SCE talk, so place it here. :)

Just a quick note for dCore users who decide to sce-import the xfonts-terminus package.  I'm running the Debian Stretch version right now and haven't tested the sce-load for the Ubuntu repos...

Like TC, just loading the terminus fonts is not enough, because after the load, you basically need to refresh the font path before use.  For TC, that hint can be seen in the info file.

But for dCore, it may not be immediately apparent.  So the quickest solution after you have dCore up and running is this:

--- Code: ---sce-load xfonts-terminus && xset fp rehash
--- End code ---

NOW you can run xlsfonts if you want to see the font options available to you in both short and long names.

Like tc, you can start another aterm with the new fonts with a line similar to this:

--- Code: ---aterm -fn terminus-24 &
--- End code ---

or for a bold option:

--- Code: ---aterm -fn terminus-bold-24 &
--- End code ---

(Hint for newbies:  the use of the ampersand & at the end means that if you exit out of the terminal, you won't kill off any OTHER child programs you call up from that terminal. Hilarity ensues if you don't! :) )

Of course, making the aterm font permanent with the LONG names seen when running xlsfonts can be done also.

This isn't so much a full fledged treatment on how to best run the Terminus fonts within dCore, but basically a reminder to perform

--- Code: ---xset fp rehash
--- End code ---

at least once manually, or placed into one of your startup scripts after you have xfonts-terminus loaded!

Of course, Xterm with TTF font support can always be used and looks GREAT, but for some things, the bitmapped Terminus font looks better.  Whatever floats your boat!

Jason W:
Moved to a new General dCore Talk area, in the past that was the dCore x86 board but now a general dCore discussion one seems fit for things not specific to x86, x86_64, or armv7.  Architecture specific posts about the base images or imported extensions can go in their respective areas. 


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