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Author Topic: Kicked out of coffee shop  (Read 5059 times)

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Kicked out of coffee shop
« on: April 01, 2017, 04:59:15 PM »
Took my PiCore setup to the local coffee shop to demo PiCore and TC.

Got my venti-latte on, started hacking, and drew a crowd when I fired up my 10" screen, RPI2, car-battery jumpstarter box, and small pure-sine-wave ac inverter. (not the cheapo msw / mod-sine inverters)

Uh yeah, that drew the ire of the hipsters. 

"But look how portable it is!
...Get out of here grandpa! "

Heh, seriously - no trip to the coffee shop, but just a kick to run it off a lead-acid agm battery.

Geek material:
12v / 20ah vehicular jump starter box
Samlex PST-120-12 (120v ac / 12v dc) *pure* sine-wave inverter

10" screen and RPI2 draw about 1.2A on average from battery, leaving me about 8 hours of operation so as not to draw more than 50% of the sealed agm battery (bad for battery when cycling beyond 50%)
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