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Author Topic: proxychains and tsocks do not work in dCore-trusty?  (Read 1511 times)

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proxychains and tsocks do not work in dCore-trusty?
« on: December 24, 2015, 05:29:13 AM »
in order to install google-chrome, we should install dCore-google-chrome-stable-installer first and then exec dCore-google-chrome-stable-installer to download deb file from google...the problem is GFW, I can't connect to google directly, a proxy is needed, I always use proxychains, I installed it conventionality and then edit the conf file to add the proxy server address and then exec "proxychains dCore-google-chrome-stable-installer", but no download, I tried to exec "peoxychains firefox" and visit some ip check web, that web show my ip is my real ip! That meaning proxychains does not work at all!

I tred to install tsocks and it show the same issue... my system got ill??

the sceboot.lst:
Code: [Select]

this is a new system, I setup it today! firefox may browse internet and if add proxy server in it then FF may break the GFW...

what's wrong with my system?