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Author Topic: Error: desktop.sh not found dCore 5.0rc3  (Read 3423 times)

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Error: desktop.sh not found dCore 5.0rc3
« on: September 21, 2013, 10:38:36 AM »
Generally any SCE module with an Xorg dependency or relationship to X causes loadsce to issue the following error if Xtc is not loaded:

/usr/bin/loadsce: line 215: desktop.sh: not found

Xtc provides desktop.sh.  Understandably, it is a feature for newly loaded X applications to update the wbar.  However, X and X applications can operate without Xtc and the wbar.  Furthermore, some modules (eg. wifi providing wifi.sh) provide functions completely usable without X at all

When X modules are loaded, they should call desktop.sh if and only if it exists; loadsce should not complain when there is nothing to complain about.

Work-around: non-fatal, ignore the message.