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Author Topic: namoroka  (Read 1964 times)

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« on: June 23, 2010, 10:10:18 PM »

Code: [Select]
Title:          namoroka.tcz
Description:    Unbranded Firefox web browser - custom build
Version:        3.6.4
Author:         The Mozilla Community
Original-site:  www.mozilla.com/firefox/
Copying-policy: MPL
Size: 14M
Extension_by:   Jason W
Comments:       This is a custom build of Firefox.
                Depends on gtk2 and it's deps.  This extension
conflicts with Minefield but not the official Firefox
extension.  This is a fairly basic build with less
dependencies than the official Firefox.  The maximum
cacne size is 20MB and the urlclassifier is disabled.
                This extension is PPI compatible.
Change-log:     2010/02/02 First version 3.6
2010/03/23 Updated to 3.6.2
2010/04/05 Updated to 3.6.3
Current: 2010/06/23 Updated to 3.6.4