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Author Topic: Xorg 7.4 update  (Read 2549 times)

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Xorg 7.4 update
« on: June 06, 2010, 01:17:14 PM »
Added libXfontcache to stay compatible with 3.x.

Note that it is a legacy lib, deprecated in 7.5. If any 3.x extension depends on it, doing a rebuild with Xorg 7.5 is recommended.

Title:          Xorg-7.4.tcz
Description:    X.org server
Version:        7.4-2 (1.6.1)
Author:         X organization
Original-site:  http://www.x.org
Copying-policy: MIT
Size:      22M
Extension_by:   Curaga
Comments:       Starting TC 2.3, you don't need to do anything beyond
      restarting X after loading the extension, to run
      confless. If you need to configure something, such as
      keymap, or have hardware trouble with autodetection,
      create a xorg.conf:

      If you are only looking to get software 3D
      and no accel, instead of creating a config file
      suitable for your hardware like below, you can rename
      /etc/X11/xorg.conf.vesa to xorg.conf.
      To get Xorg with accel, drop to text mode,
      get a root console (sudo su), and then
      Xorg -configure
      Edit the newly created config file as needed,
      when it's ready copy it to /etc/X11 named xorg.conf
      Remember to add this file to your backup (/opt/.filetool.lst)
      or save it some other way.
      This extension depends on graphics-KERNEL.tcz for
      any kind of 3D or video accel.
      Please note, for AGP or integrated AGP cards such as Intel
      chips you will always need graphics-KERNEL.tcz.
      Tips on 3D and X keymaps can be found
      in /etc/X11/README.xorg.conf.
      If you don't use a persistent local or TCZ, be wary
      unless you have atleast 256mb ram!
      Only in versions before 2.3:
      Edit .xsession by replacing the X line with
      /usr/local/bin/Xorg -nolisten tcp &
      To enable Ctrl-Alt-Bksp to terminate Xorg add the following
      to your xorg.conf
      Section "ServerFlags"
           Option          "DontZap" "false"
Change-log:     2008/09/27 Original
                2008/10/01 Added evtouch, /etc/X11, removed buggy tinyX
      2008/12/05 Added installed-markers, a vesa xorg.conf
      2008/12/22 Removed unnecessary symlinks, libs
      2009/04/25 Update to 1.6.1 for TC2
           2009/05/31 Added /etc/sysconfig/Xserver marker
      2009/09/21 Changed user.tar.gz to startup script.
      2010/05/19 Separated fonts
Current:   2010/06/06 Added libXfontcache (as removed from base in 3.0a6)
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