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Author Topic: New Idea - New Challenge and Glory  (Read 7007 times)

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Re: New Idea - New Challenge and Glory
« Reply #15 on: November 02, 2009, 02:08:38 PM »
Now, I hope we will see TCL on ARM devices as well. I myself have an ARM Pocket/PC, Windows Mobile based and would be excited to run the same using TCL instead of Windows...
Having said that, however:
1. Most of Pocket/PC devices nowadays are PDA phones. TCL for ARM would need to provide telephony function and easy to use.
2. Are we planning to re-flash the native OS in such phone/PDA with TCL firmware?
3. If we do ask our happy PDA/phone owners to re-flash their devides with TCL firmware, then we need to make sure all functions are easy to use: telephony, productivity, email, etc.
4. Various hardware integration challenges will need to be resolved. E.g. to make Skype sound come out of the phone speaker, not the PDA speaker, which is often on the other side...
If on the other hand the scope is not to implement such TCL on Phone/PDAs, then the target customer base appears to be quite limited...
No question, this is a very challenging and exciting project, in competition with Microsoft WindowsMobile and Android...