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Author Topic: FL-PicSee 0.9.8  (Read 3087 times)

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FL-PicSee 0.9.8
« on: September 20, 2009, 11:01:33 PM »
This is the source code for a slightly updated version FL-PicSee, the image-viewer included in TC.

Changes in 0.9.8 (compared to 0.9.2):

1) The name of the app displays now as FL-PicSee (rather than flPicSee) to make the FL part of the name more distinct.

2) The right-click menu will be automatically opened by pressing a Ctrl key, and all the menu shortcuts are based on Ctrl. rather than Alt. keys now (similar to the menu behavior in Flit).

3) Paging from image-to-image is now also possible by the PageUp and PageDn keys in addition to the image mouse-click hotspots and the Ctrl+P and Ctrl+N key combinations.

4) Display font size in message boxes (Help, About, ...) set to 12 pixels (like in Flit) rather than FLTK default.

This is likely to be the last version before 1.0.0, unless there is a show-stopper bug.  Hopefully, version 1.0.0 will come out just before or at the same time as TC 2.4.
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