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How to add Epson V370 scanner to RPi3B and share it over LAN?


Hi there,

I am quite new to TC and still quite confused after reading documents and forum posts here, so pls bare me if my question is stupid.

Anyway, my problem is I have a Raspberry Pi 3B that have PiCorePlayer installed, it's used as LMS player, also wanna to used as scanner server, the scanner is Epson Perfection V370 Photo which has Linux driver on official website.

## Where am I now?

I can ssh login to this RPi and run command. Also the scanner is USB connected to the RPi already.

## What I don't know?

What I know is CUPS will be used later but firstly I need to install the driver for the scanner, but I don't know how.

Any help will be appreciated,

This is not the PiCorePlayer forum, but anyway, you probably need simple-scan which is available in the aarch64 repo, but not the armv7 repo.

Thank you @Juanito

Could you pls kindly advise the command for this searching and installing? I have been using Linux for over 10 years but kind of lost in Tiny Core.

Sorry, but you would need to check on the PiCorePlayer forums.

If you are using the 64bit version of PiCorePlayer the simple-scan extension might be available, but it is not certain it would work with your epson scanner without needing additional software.


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