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vlc3 biuld does not support streaming?

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I'm looking for small linux distro for virtual machines into network lab emulator like GNS3 and eve-ng. I'm want lab with multicast streaming/receiving. Simplest way is VLC or ffmpeg. GNS3 have TC image file Multicast.zip with VLC and it can work as streamer, but it's too old with vlc-1.1.3. Looks like it does not support igmp protocol and cannot work like multicast receiver.

Now I download and install latest TC15, install vlc3 and discovered that this version vlc3.x.x cannot stream multicast. It show error in termial because don't understand udp/ts/... when i run vlc srcfile.mp4 --sout udp:// or vlc srcfile.mp4 --sout=#std{access=udp,mux=ts,dst=}
It does not understand mux=ts.

The vlc.tcz do not contain lib/vlc/plugins/mux/libmux_ts_plugin files. Can you rebuild vlc3 extenstion with mpeg/ts mux?

Also in vlc select Files-Stream - add file and push "streem" button causes vlc freezing.


I’m not in a hurry to update vlc as it depends on qt, which is very bloated.

Do you know what dependencies are required for libmux_ts to be built?

Sorry, I don't know what dependencies are required for libmux_ts to be built. As far as I can see in the vlc sources in file "modules/MODULES_LIST" present at least
* ts: MPEG-TS demuxer
* mux_ts: MPEG transport stream muxer

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that this is all that is needed. Maybe need all mpeg and ts options to work. You can just try enable ts+mux_ts and do test build. Guess mux/demux is simple and not will entail a lot of “heavy” dependencies like graphic ones. Most likely it's just simple code inside vlc tree without many new big dependences.
As another option you can do vlc3-full extension with all monules enabled, huh :)

Multicast streaming at TC would be interesting, but if it doesn't work out, well... I'll just use a heavier distribution.
Now I’ll try ffmpeg for streaming, but it doesn’t work yet. Studying the manuals and experimenting.

I'm discovered that tc-4.7.7 contains vlc and vlc-full. Full can stream to mpegts container, not full - cannot.
Also i was wrong. I discovered TC-3.2 and vlc-1.1.3 from GNS3 can stream/revieve if I start it from cli (GUI menu "stream/optn network" does not work). Also I can use ffmpeg (even without GUI, but not to recieve/play). However, ffplay as a player behaves much worse than vlc.

Just in case:

vlc sources
\vlc-3.0.8\modules\mux\Modules.am (last compile from 10.x ?) contain

--- Code: ---if HAVE_DVBPSI
libvlc_LTLIBRARIES += libmux_ts_plugin.la

--- End code ---
vlc root configure have

--- Code: ---Mux/Demux plugins:
--enable-dvbpsi         build with dvbpsi support enabled [default=auto]

--- End code ---

I think that's what's missing.

--- Quote ---libdvbpsi is a simple library designed for decoding and generation of MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables according to standards ISO/IEC 13818 and ITU-T H.222.0.
--- End quote ---

libdvbpsi.tcz have size 45056 bytes and have not dependences.

You can try to rebuild an existing vlc-3.0.8 with the option --enable-dvbpsi (also we need --enable-sout for streaming, but it already in default build as i understand). And vlc3 tce-load will need libdvbpsi.tcz of cause.


vlc3 updated, built against libdvbpsi and renamed vlc in the tc-15.x x86 repo.

Maybe you could test the streaming?


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