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TinyCore 15: tce-update does not work from the CLI


When I start TinyCore (v 15.0) with bootcode base norestore and run tce-update from the command line, the script does not work - Could not find a valid tce directory.

FAQ: http://tinycorelinux.net/faq.html#update
The safe method to keeping your collection of extensions updated is to boot base norestore
and run tce-update from the command line.

tc@box:~$ tce-update
Checking for Easy Mode Operation...
Could not find a valid tce directory?

tc@box:~$ ls
boot  lost+found  tce

it also does not work after a new installation

Yes those instructions for tce-update (including the instructions displayed by the script itself when you run it on a partition without enough space for "easy mode") don't really work.

When booted with "base" the partition with the "tce" directory isn't mounted and the /etc/sysconfig/tcedir symlink points to a directory in /tmp. As root, you need to manually delete this symlink, mount your tce partition, and create a new symlink to your actual "tce" directory:

--- Code: ---sudo rm /etc/sysconfig/tcedir
mount /mnt/sda1
sudo ln -s /mnt/sda1/tce /etc/sysconfig/tcedir

--- End code ---

Replace "sda1" with whatever the name is for the partition holding your tce directory (you can also check the path of the /etc/sysconfig/tcedir symlink when TC is booted without "base" using "readlink /etc/sysconfig/tcedir").

Many thanks to CNK for the workaround solution, it works perfectly!


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