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pkutils (*.(g)awk) pkgmgr for Slackware written as an alternative to slackpkg.


mocore: ~ Simple and rude package manager...

--- Quote ---Why AWK?

Initially pkutils were a set of the POSIX shell scripts with some helper scripts in AWK for processing the PACKAGES files. But eventually the AWK code became greater than the Shell one.

Also I quite liked the AWK since its syntax resembles C and it is very simple and primitive (as opposed to monsters like Python or Ruby). If pkutils will survive, I think it will be rewritten in something like Go or Rust.

I understand that AWK is not supposed to be used in the way I use it, but who cares.
--- End quote ---

--- Code: ---/usr/bin/gawk -f "pkutils.pkupd.awk" -- $*
exit $?
--- End code ---
>Overengineered argument parser.



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