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p9fs / wikiFS : wikifs, wikipost – wiki file system



reading this :,26930.0.html ~ Wiki login problem , topic

and this reply
--- Quote from: neonix on March 30, 2024, 06:00:34 AM ---We should create new unifficial wikia (fandom). All should be published on public domain licences.

reminded me of "downloadable documentation for offline use." ~,22566.0.html
and some other discusion about including the corebook and perhaps also the wiki in core.gz 

the above made me dream of  not *just*
- curated plain text doc's in the core *which imho would be nice to have

on this meandering train of thaught i was reminded  that plan9 has  file system for wiki's!  ???
this FS for linux ...
or some similar (scripts?) to manage(view/edit) wiki text from the commandline (eg)

might perhaps be "better(less matanace ;-)"alternative , than relying on docuwiki and related infastrcture  :o

with the above in mind
....should linux/busybox include a wiki ? ~ wikifs, wikipost – wiki file system

+ some lament about potentual alternative wiki syntax @

--- Quote ---The wikifs(4) in both Plan 9 and Inferno understand a very small set of cues when generating HTML. That set can be limiting. It should be replaced with something better, like Markdown.
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---


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