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Improvements to wiki offline installation instruction


Currently, the wiki instruction for installing application on a computer which is not connected to the Internet is quite vague.

--- Quote ---To install applications on a computer which is not connected to the internet, download the extensions.

Include .dep files, dependencies, and dependencies of dependencies.

If the computer will be connected to the internet in the future, include .md5.txt files, as these are used to determine which programs have been updated. They can also be used to check if any extensions have been corrupted.
--- End quote ---

It would be useful to add the following:

--- Quote ---To get the dependency file, append .dep to the link to the tcz file. For example, if the tcz file is, then the .dep file is at

The .dep file is a text file that lists all dependencies.

For convenience, Richard A. Rost wrote a script to automatically find and download all the dependencies, which can be found at,23034.msg164745.html#msg164745. Note that you need to be logged in in order to be able to download the attachment.

--- End quote ---


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