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would /usr merge be advantageous for TCL in any way?

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Several *nixes (Debian, Devuan, Arch, Fedora, Solaris, possibly others) either have already implemented or will soon be implementing "merged /usr" where /{bin,sbin,lib,lib64} are just symlinks to /usr/{bin,sbin,lib,lib64}

Supposed advantages of this filesystem hierarchy are outlined here.

I know that in TCL there is the convention of /usr/local/{bin,sbin,lib} being reserved for extensions. A merged /usr would not interfere with this.

Would a merged /usr in TCL be more trouble than it's worth? More elegant but not actually beneficial? No trouble to implement and potentially beneficial in the long term?

I'd be curious to know the TCL developers' opinion about merged /usr. I admire you guys and greatly value your opinions because they have proven to lead to the best result (Tiny Core Linux).


--- Quote from: GNUser on February 28, 2024, 04:25:23 PM ---Supposed advantages of this filesystem hierarchy are outlined here.

--- End quote ---
related (coincidentally i was just reading about this topic @ )
... i guess Debian adaptation would affect any future? dcore.

FYI - I remastered TCL15's corepure64.gz with merged /usr as an experiment. Steps were completely naive:
1. Put all of /bin contents into /usr/bin. Then repeat for /sbin and /lib
2. Delete the now-empty /bin, /sbin, and /lib directories
3. In terminal:

--- Code: ---# for i in bin sbin lib; do ln -s /usr/$i /$i; done

--- End code ---

I'm happy to report that a remaster created in this way 100% Just Works.

Not that I'd use such a TCL mod as daily driver, of course--only vanilla TCL is acceptable to me. I just wanted you guys to know that if it would be advantageous for the TCL project to jump on this merged /usr bandwagon at some point in the future, it would be a trivial change with no breakage as far as I can tell.

Funny facts about this issue you can see this part of video with Rob Landley explain the funny way why!!


My opinion is that it doesn't matter either way for TC. No advantages and no downsides, and as you found, symlinking just works.


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