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Author Topic: Why does TCL close cgroup memory subsystem?  (Read 733 times)

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Why does TCL close cgroup memory subsystem?
« on: January 09, 2024, 11:44:11 PM »
HI,everybody.  I use TCL14.0 x86_64 now。 I found tcl closes the cgroup memory subsystem.So I downloaded the kernel source codes, added CONFIG_CGMEM=y and CONFIG_CGMEM_KMEM=y into .config,then made the new vmlinuz。reboot with the new vmlinuz and old corepure64.gz,I found tcl can't mount any tcz。I had to boot into system with boot code 'base',and mounted the tcz manually,but it failed with the error 'segmentation fault'?So why does TCL close cgroup memory and Why can't TCL mount the tcz after cgroup memeory is open?

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Re: Why does TCL close cgroup memory subsystem?
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2024, 02:29:55 AM »
We don't use systemd, which is the main user of cgroups. So the option is likely unnecessary for us. If you compile a new kernel, you must also compile the modules so they match.
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