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Author Topic: Terminal dos screen with "tc@box:~$" before installation and I do not continue  (Read 1387 times)

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Hello Tiny tt

I am new (new of Linux environment
..) and I want to try the o.s. but in the botton "Wiki" on top there is an error page and I do not find info about installation:

After boot, there is a blue page, with a list of "boot" choices.
I've tried a few choices, but a "terminal dos" screen appears with this line:


And I do not know the command or others thing that I must do.

I am sorry for disturb if my topic is already known but for me is difficult pick info.

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A good start of this Linux dist is first read the purpose of this Linux dist. and what is used for.
You can start to download the free Tiny Core Linux book pdf.

Here is the link.