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Author Topic: [Solved] getting Laptop to drive an External MONITOR screen via a cable  (Read 2596 times)

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Re: [Solved] getting Laptop to drive an External MONITOR screen via a cable
« Reply #15 on: April 25, 2023, 11:13:26 PM »
Yes Sir,

......i honestly don't think anybody much would figure
out the "closing Lid" thing.......because of needing Lid open for keyboard activity.
Only experienced computer hardware users would know.

Also the "Closed lid" thing allows BIOS adjustments via an external
VGA flat panel screen where i can DISSARM the function key
requirement to energise an external VGA

now the external VGA will just fire up on Tinycore while the laptop
screen is open ........for use of it's keyboard.

i don't believe the Laptop Manuals EVER mention anything about closing Laptop lids for external peripherals usage  ( auxiliary peripherals)

The ACTIVITY of Lid movements is defined by the OS.......
but i believe BIOS also allows you set it.......

Lid closed = DO NOTHING
Lid closed = SLEEP the Laptop




....... infact, as far as Laptop Manuals go.......the stuff i mention above is  a "Gross oversight" by manufacturers.

How many people break a Laptop screen per day?.....in the world?
(tens of thousands, maybe more)

People Looking to solve it from their Laptop manuals, would not figure out that the "Closing the Lid thing" will "Potentially" ENGAGE an external connected screen.

i say potentially because in most cases the Laptop would be booted or trying to boot to some OS........ closing the lid would likely SHUT DOWN or SLEEP the Laptop thus NOTHING TO SEE which would engage an external screen
......so it would NOT engage the external screen or engage a  HUNCH  in it's user.......

......also WHY would anybody close the Lid when they will need the Laptop keyboard  to effectively  use the Laptop with an external screen...?

so for the sake of a missing Line of Text in a manual........tens of thousands
of Laptops per day  (globally) will be rendered useless by unwise users.....

Yet all those Laptops are in perfect worked order IF YOU KNOW HOW

The Likely case is  that *per day*  thousands of  machines at just a few years
age (costing say $319 new)  are rendered completely useless.........that's because the owners won't really feel like taking them to  repair shops at $69 for some "chance repair" which may not succeed....

Few people will know to close a lid for external VGA screen engagement

( no surprises..........this SELLS more Laptops)

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Re: [Solved] getting Laptop to drive an External MONITOR screen via a cable
« Reply #16 on: April 26, 2023, 05:01:15 AM »
extending a huge thanks to @vinceASPECT, @NewUser, @Leee, for the welcome information and discoveries!

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