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dCore unnecessarily limited to 8 threads, with TC allowing up to 64

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See topic. In essence, dCore does not allow using all cores on a modern computer, while TC does. And I tried passing boot arguments with grub (https://www.thegeekdiary.com/how-to-enable-disable-cpus-limiting-cpu-count-in-centos-rhel/), but it did not work.

Not sure if this should be posted in the TC section, but there simply is no bug reporting in the dCore part of the forum.

If I understand correctly, the dCore kernel comes from debian.

Hello Forum,

Uh, it is ever complex in the field of these topics. Someplace it said that Apple iOS isn't a multi tasking operating OS..

Somehow that translated into, these suppossed ""TECH Giant Rolls Rorce devices"" are quite flawed at heart. Their chips are upgraded so often with cores and engines since, to follow trends, they need to throw more  cores--in trying to get the ever ending Ferrari....that still runs on Vegetable Oil OS called "iOS"

it's bit depths on the hardware..... ontop of OS's thread counts?

sorry. it's my limited understandings, but feeling lucky to have not shelled out on them rollers mentioned above.

........out in the wild , there ARE TOOLs that "countenance" these thread topics or do "counterpart" conversions for advanced Computer work such as graphics & audio working tools

the  "J-bridge" converts bit depths.  (Lord, that must be involved)
.....there are some other tools also doing that

The forum may know, when cpu chips are manuactured too, they also dissarm cores
at maybe 20 steps from factory chip completion......those parts will never ever be functional in reality.

i know Hyperthreading is helping cores/performance.....there are also cpu acceleration tools like "Hare"


Useful performance hikes come from "in the cloud" where local hardware ticks over as best it can.
Say for "www.Browserstack"-- Manual session--- (Free).. for nice web accelerated surfing etc.

  Maybe "www.Cameyo" servers for using their servers horse power for doing extra computer work.




--- Quote from: vinceASPECT on November 18, 2022, 08:41:10 AM ---Hello Forum,

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I honestly have no idea what you are on about. Let me simplify this for you: My 6 core and 12-thread Intel 8700k can only use 8 threads with dCore, but can use all 12 threads with TC. Do you understand the problem now?

And it happens to be that I bought and use Jbridge every day. It enables me to use older 32-bit digital instruments with a modern 64-bit OS and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Do you understand what this software actually does? It sure ain't bit-rate conversion.


--- Quote from: Juanito on November 18, 2022, 05:25:52 AM ---If I understand correctly, the dCore kernel comes from debian.

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Hmm, but modern Debian AMD64 distributions sure make use of more threads, no? Anyhow, I will check and see if I can just download something pre-compiled then.

I had a quick look at the TC kernel patch under dCore source (not sure if that is what is actually used). It seems that the relevant part is same as in TC (CONFIG_NR_CPUS=64)


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