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1.x and 2.x releases to be removed by year end


In order to free up space on our server and mirrors, we will be removing the 1.x and 2.x releases and extension repos at the end of 2022. These releases are over ten years old, and mainly of historical interest. If you need these, please download your copies by the year's end.

The ISOs have been uploaded to for history preservation. The repos wouldn't really apply to their mandate, nor would they work there for someone running these old versions ( is https, which is not supported for repos). If someone wishes to host these, we will gladly link to them.

@Curaga: As part of the maintenance project I have penciled in here, a repository backup (onto DVD and Blu-Ray) is schedule for the first week of November. has copies of which are horribly slow to download, but as a last resort I'm happy with slow!!

NOTE: I do not know how extensive the stream at archive is or what file extensions they've stored over the years...*/*

It is done. From now on, one release will be removed yearly - 3.x will be gone at next year's end, and so on.

We might want to keep 4.x as the best of the old releases?

Can't really keep adding new ones without removing old ones, space usage would grow infinitely. If you have use for 4.x, you have two years of time to download everything for a local mirror or just a big usb stick, etc.


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