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Author Topic: (Publishing) Data entry to Platforms online (intel property right IP ) Rights.  (Read 706 times)

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Hello F,

The World Wide Web consortium has the immense responsibility
to uphold publishing rights and  (intellectual Property Rights)  legislation
with regard to the Global territory's.

This is implicitly related to the Domicile country in which the Public
Telecommunications infrastructure has relations to the main ISP providers
within that jurisdiction.

The above has immense immense implications for the task of "freedom of information" Litigation cases with the large Corps who's global activity's involve
oceans upon oceans of illicit illegal ( inter territory) use of illegally data mined

Such corps as the G and FB are currently under very serious investigations within some European territory's.  The cumulative fining regime currently exists at ( 9 billion usa dollars) against the former mentioned entity.........to be further implemented across any areas of investigation.

The published information above serves as an example.