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Optimize sce for space


Correct me if I'm wrong 1: so sce's are overlays and to be independent from each other they contain their own dependencies from ground up. Which means that we end up with multiple copies of tar for example, each sitting in every sce which ultimately takes up more space and possibly ram if those are actually loaded. A logical solution would be merging multiple sce's into 1 custom sce.

Correct me if I'm wrong 2: there is no official tool for merging sce's. If I was to do this manually, I'd have to redo this after an update

Jason W:
Hi amuctued.  Have you used the list file option that includes as many packages you want in one SCE?  That is the most space efficient, and you then only run sce-update on that one large SCE.

sce-import -l LISTFILE got it, I'll look into it

Pardon my french as I'm absolutely blown away but holy @#$% this improved my bootup times and the size of my custom sce with a basic xfce desktop sits at around 300mb. If debs are purged then the total size becomes on par with alpine, one the leanest distros out there. On a usb with proper drivers and modules included it also worked on every machine I've tried so far. dCore-buster64 hidden gem ftw


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