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Author Topic: Experienced users'conflict.  (Read 2122 times)

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Experienced users'conflict.
« on: April 26, 2017, 02:53:46 PM »
These days for experienced linux users tasteing an unfamiliar system:
the main task is to avoid the bombardment of <life is better with Coke
& wouldn't you like to buy a banana>.

That's why I ignored the upfront <wbar> and just tested/probed what
I'm familiar with. So eg. I was not disasterously limited by only
one console/VT.

Only now do I see that the problem of eg. opera's substantial settings
being not lost, for NNTP client usage, seem to be catered for with:
ControPanel:Backup/Restore substantial MenuTree.
I'll try to write/translate my own tutorial to use this vital
backup/restore facility.

Is the ControPanel:services:gpm a TC default; or from my installation?
What is "Terminal Server" for? I like it's color on black & font size.

2 points for documenting for experienced users;
 We don't like the local-slang of "your tce directory".
 All directories are rooted in "/".
 Rather than the common: DoA, DoB ...DoN;  use:-
 eg. plugging the USB is detected by a daemon, which can be confirmed by
  `dmesg -tail`;
 successful automounting may be confirmed by `df` or ....
 Ie. describe how the system works, not what the user should do.