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Hi Guys

My first post here so be kind. ☺

As you probably know the raspberry pi has hardware support to control devices via CEC commands. This is an incredibly useful method to control HDMI devices like TVs and HiFis etc anything that supports it, allowing the user to adjust the power state of the device and the source.

I'm running piCorePlayer which runs on the Tinycore port to the raspberry pi. It's fantastic because of its low resource footprint.

My question, what would it take to include Libcec in this port to allow the control. I have permission from the Pulse-Eight the LibCEC developers to include it. (https://github.com/Pulse-Eight/libcec)

Initial investigation shows HDMI is controlled through the video core.


Thanks for advice, I added it to the todo list for piCore 7.0 However it is not a high priority task, so can't promise any date.

Thanks bmarkus !

I don't have much money, but im happy to donate what I can to include this, if that has any bearing. If not im also happy to wait as this is just a personal project not work related.

Im also happy to be involved in any testing required.

Thank you so much, again 

Hi Rob

it is not about donation but how does it fit to the development workflow. In general you can help with testing releases and reporting what is missing, what is buggy. Than I add them to the todo list.



Great thanks Béla - great work btw

I will help as much as I can



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