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Jason W:
Ubuntu Vivid Vervet is available, I will commence work on a ub-dCore-vivid.  ub-dCore-trusty is based on a long term release and will remain.

Jason W:
ub-dCore-vivid is now released to the release candidate status.   All seems to work well here, let me know if anything is not.

Jason W:
Uploaded a new release candidate.  References of loadsce have been changed to sce-load in /etc/init.d/tc-config.

Jason W:
If I hear no issues regarding ub-dCore-vivid I will move to release in the coming days.

trying today to move from trysty to vivid:

* boot option  waitusb=5:UUID= doesn't work, waitusb=5 only works
* during boot while loading extension I see this error:
error opening usb device 'descriptors' file

* X doesn't start is sayng that is missing, importing it fixes the problem
* connmand doesn't start:
Couldn't load target `standard':No such file or directory
googling for the error I found:
Looks like you miss the support for the xtables in kernel's netfilter.


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