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Author Topic: [[ai]] Most asked forum question and answer analysis with artificial help  (Read 669 times)

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The most asked forum question and answer analysis with the help of artificial intelligence

Sure, here is the text in English:


* **Installation issues**
* **Networking issues**
* **Hardware issues**
* **Software issues**

**Solution commands**

* **Installation issues**
    * **Unable to boot from USB or CD:**
        - `tcfload -i /dev/sdX`
        - `tcfload -i /dev/cdrom`
    * **Boot menu not appearing:**
        - `tcfboot -i /dev/sdX`
        - `tcfboot -i /dev/cdrom`
    * **Operating system cannot be installed:**
        - `tcfinstall -i /dev/sdX`
        - `tcfinstall -i /dev/cdrom`

* **Networking issues**
    * **Unable to establish an Ethernet connection:**
        - `ifconfig eth0 up`
        - `dhclient eth0`
    * **Unable to establish a Wi-Fi connection:**
        - `iwconfig`
        - `iwconfig wlp3s0 essid "WirelessNetworkName"`
        - `iwconfig wlp3s0 key "WirelessNetworkPassword"`
        - `dhclient wlp3s0`
    * **No internet access:**
        - `ping`
        - `wget https://www.google.com`

* **Hardware issues**
    * **Sound is not working:**
        - `alsamixer`
        - `alsactl --load-module modules/conf.d/alsa-base.conf`
        - `alsactl --load-module modules/conf.d/alsa-card-<sound_card_name>.conf`
    * **Video is not working:**
        - `fbset -g <screen_width> <screen_height>`
        - `xrandr -s <screen_width> <screen_height>`
    * **Port is not working:**
        - `lsusb`
        - `lspci`

* **Software issues**
    * **Software is not loading:**
        - `tce-load -wi <package_name>`
    * **Software is not working:**
        - `tce-info <package_name>`
        - `tce-query <package_name>`

These solution commands may help to resolve the most common issues encountered on the TinyCore Linux forum. However, if your issue persists, you can seek help from the users on the TinyCore Linux forum.

I hope this is helpful.