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Ubuntu Saucy Salamander (13.10) dCore

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Jason W:
This started off as a personal exercise yesterday, did not wrap it up in time for April fools, but after a few hours of updating base files, making minimal base script changes and testing, everything works here as on std. dCore so far.    Main, universe, and multiverse repos enabled by default, additional repos can be added like usual.  All the main packages I am used to using work as before, LXDE, XFCE, the small window managers, things we had to make custom startup scripts for. 

For fun i posted it in release candidates, take it for a spin if you like.  Posting from it now in LXDE.

Jason W:
Re-uploaded with some bug fixes and a new tool ppa-add to be used in the same basic format as the Ubuntu command.

$ ppa-add ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/firefox-aurora

$ ppa-add ppa:midori/ppa

Adding pantheon desktop to a fresh frugal install of ub-dCore gives me the next alert:

$ ppa-add ppa:elementary-os/stable

tee: /opt/debextra/elementary-os-stable-main: No such file or directory

is it working ok, or am I missing something?

Jason W:
I need to add a check for the existence of /opt/debextra and create it if not there.  The no such file or directory is referring to /opt/debextra.  For now, create the dir, I will add a test for it in ppa-add for next release candidate.

However, i see that PPA does not have a saucy repo, only previous versions.

Jason W:
build-essential has been updated to support the newer versions of gcc etc. for ub-dcore to work along with Wheezy.  Compiling the Linux kernel is the basic test, different versions of gcc, glibc, etc, can be supported by the same dCore dependency routine.


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