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Author Topic: Opera and gmail.  (Read 5012 times)

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Opera and gmail.
« on: December 12, 2008, 04:17:19 AM »
It is observed that the javascript code used by Google on gmail (also orkut) is not very friendly with Opera compared to Firefox and that was the reason why I prefer Firefox over Opera since I always have 3 tabs dedicated to igoogle, gmail and orkut and then use the 4th tab for tinycorelinux etc.

When I used tinycorelinux for first time I used Opera and when I opened those tabs my system started using swap very heavily. I changed from tce to tcz for Xorg, gtk2 and also opera but the swapping was there for my preferred sites.

Then I compared minefield with opera for memory usage and my conclusions:
1. Opera uses less memory compared to minefield for loading the application and for surfing simple sites.
2. On gmail Opera starts using swap very heavily and minefield does not need swap even when I have igoogle, gmail, orkut opened simultaneously with tineycorelinux/forum on 4th tab.

My system has 256 MB RAM and free commands shows 253.32 MB available on tinycorelinux.