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Author Topic: German spy software is in my PC with TinyCoreLinux.. or only in Windows PCs?  (Read 3331 times)

Offline floppy

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Hello there,
here an article in a german site:
The autorities are installing spy SW on PCs in Germany (back to the good old time.. with Stasi & Co.. and other organizations few years earlier in Germany..).
a PC with TCL can be hacked?
Or it concerns only windows PCs?
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I would never rely on any reporting from the mainstream media, which IMHO is clueless about these technical matters.

If one instead goes closer to the source of such headlines (e.g. here) you would find a reference to a PDF document (in German) which basically in it's very first sentence (i.e. "Die Malware bestand aus einer Windows-DLL ohne exportierte Routinen") provides a very strong hint to answer your question.

Please note I have not read either the article or the analysis report as I'm not particular interested in this very subject. I just want to cut off any silly speculation and advise those which a greater interest to go and study these probably more appropriate documents.