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Author Topic: TCL 3.3 on VMware: A+++++  (Read 1845 times)

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TCL 3.3 on VMware: A+++++
« on: December 07, 2010, 03:43:59 AM »
I just wanted to say, I've been doing some exploratory testing of TCL 3.3 on VMware Server 2.0, and have been extremely pleased with the experience. I have been building special-purpose virtual machines using the busybox-httpd and perl packages, along with custom-libraries and code, and everything has worked very well. (lighttpd pkg is very tight/rich too.) Busybox has long been a staple of the embedded Linux world, but TCL has made a real workhorse distro with it. TCL's use of squashfs for package management is highly-adaptable, resource-efficient, and promotes good 'deployment hygiene' (i.e. DIY packages). I'm getting very small machine footprints (~128MB RAM, 30 MB disk) that have excellent functionality, with resource consumption that is multiple orders-of-magnitude smaller than alternative deployment options. That's money. In a virtualized future where app-deployments are based on subscribed incremental resource allocations, thin is in. TCL provides everyman with an actionable entry-point to refactoring application deployments for post-virtualization infrastructures. I hope you guys make a fortune in the coming years, thank you for your contribution to the community.
(Everyone reading this board should be making a fortune in the coming years, if you are paying attention :-)