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a question of how to get the latest apophysis beta to work through wine on TCL


well, the subject pretty much says it all. I am currently at the state where i have not acquired wine or thought about downloading the program i am interested in using... however i can get to the WINE configuration window with no problem whatsoever if that helps you guys... anyways

http://www.apophysis.org/Apo202.exe this is something that in windows would have to be installed, while... http://sourceforge.net/projects/apophysis/files/apophysis/Apophysis%202.09/Apophysis-2.09.exe/download the program downloaded here could be run as is in windows.

and yes, though i am sure you senior members are sick of reading the next words... yes, I am a complete linux newb... in fact this right here is my well... second distro, my first was a couple times of DSL, but besides that, this is the first distro i have ever seriously tried, and i do know (due to the forums) how to make a persistent boot from a USB stick. but anyways Apophysis is a windows based fractal image creation program and since most of you all are a heck of a lot better in manipulating linux than i... i was wondering if you (the reader and hopefully responder) could impart your wisdom of how you would go about getting this to work so that i may as well, and resume my work on a hopefully faster setup =D.. if this is not easily (for you) done or is impossible, i am sorry beforehand to have been a bother to one and all. and thank you for your time as well.

heyho, welcome to the (tiny) linux world ;-)

I didn't try apophysis myself but currently I'm maintaining the wine extension. usually you should just try out, whether wine + apophysis work and if not maybe file a bug at the wine headquarter www.winehq.org.

there are 2 wine extensions, you can try each: wine is "smaller", doesn't depend on Xorg (basically for 3D features in this case) and wine-gl is almost the complete package. either way wine needs some space - unpacked it's about 80 MB without dependencies, so be sure to have enough ram ;)

you can install extensions through the appbrowser. there you can also read special information about that extension - after installing and following the hints in the info file you can download apophysis through a browser and start the exe in a terminal like this:
--- Code: ---$ wine Apo202.exe
--- End code ---
. Then wine will try to start the installer and install the program in your home directory (e.g. ~/.wine/drive_c/program files/apophysis). If that is successful you can start the program in a terminal like this
--- Code: ---$ wine C:\\Program Files\\Apophysis\\Apophysis.exe
--- End code ---
. If something fails you can try to tweak your wine installation - that is by using the winetricks script, which you can get here: http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks. winetricks is able to download and install additional M$ library files, installers, etc. which may be necessary for some installation. If that still fails you can try to override the builtin wine.dll's with the original ones through winecfg.

well I got it to work through the thunar file manager to open up the wine file manager and so far so good, though there is just a problem where the keyboard numbers don't work if i'm trying to change/plug in a value and if it helps, i'm using the regular xvesa that ships with tiny core.

(by nooo means am I a programmer XD, if you couldn't tell already haha)

Thank you for your help, and it is to my belief that on my system there is a bit of a speed improvement over windows XP straight in apophysis, and i also have firefox and pidgin running while i'm testing haha


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