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Noobie Application Install Issues

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Hi, I'm new to TCL, as the post's Title may indicate, and I am having troubles installing applications. I have the TCL setup using syslinux, booting from a USB flash-drive.
Currently, I am trying to install the applications localy, since I don't want to have my TCL-machine connected to the internet. Trouble is, it (Appbrowser) comes up with an error about mounting one directory onto another, which in itself sounds a bit odd. I have the apps, in tcz files (it didn't like the .tce files I tried feeding it), placed into the /tce/options/ directory. There must some obvious step(s) that I am missing. Any help on the subject will be appreciated. Thanks.

The files go in the tce/optional ( not options) directory on the USB drive.
Make sure to include the waitusb=5 boot option.

If you are installing applications without using the AppBrowser, you must also manually download
all dependencies.

Yeah, I meant to write /tce/optional/, but I'll double check.
I have the dependencies downloaded as well (including the .dep files), I forgot to mention that, and I am using AppBrowser's local install feature. I'll try the waitsub=5 boot option.
Would the /tce/optional/ look like h:\tce\optional\ on a Windows system, or does it have to got into the TCL file system? Currently, I have both scenarios in action.

.tce extensions are deprecated.  ;)

The specific error I receive is this:
"mount: mounting /dev/loop0 on /tmp/tcloop/glib failed: invalid argument"


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